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In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin

Widely written about in major newspapers and magazines, not only across the United States, but in England, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, and Israel, it was covered here by, among many other publications, Newsweek, People, the New York Times Book Review (as well as the daily paper); the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. IMK also received extensive coverage on radio and television, for example, on CNN, NPR, and PBS (the Jim Lehrer show). The book was also published in Dutch, is currently being published in Italian; is cited in many scholarly works, and has inspired various works of art.

"Fusion City" in Gastropolis: Food & New York City

Among many other things, chapters trace the function of place and memory in Asian cuisine, the rise of Jewish food icons, the evolution of food enterprises in Harlem, the relationship between restaurant dining and identity, and the role of peddlers and markets in guiding the ingredients of our meals. Touching on everything from religion, nutrition, and agriculture to economics, politics, and psychology, Gastropolis tells a story of immigration, amalgamation, and assimilation. This rich interplay between tradition and change, individual and society, and identity and community could happen only in New York.